S&S Cycle 97 in. Big Bore Kit - 910-0205

  • $994.50

S&S Cycle 97 in. Big Bore Kit - 910-0205
  • The 97 in. Big Bore kits for 88 in. motors yield excellent results with stock cylinder heads
  • Feature the largest bore (3.927 in.) that can safely be used in a cylinder with stock spigot diameter
  • Even though stock cylinders can be bored to fit the 3.927 in. pistons, the included S&S cylinders feature a much stronger cast iron liner to stand up to the added power
  • Easy installation: no need to bore or split existing cases, just swap the cylinders
  • Feature the same silver or black wrinkle powder-coat as stock, so they match the stock finish of the engine
  • Specifications: 3.927 in. bore, 4 in. stroke, 97 in. displacement, 9.7:1 compression ratio with stock heads (9.3:1 compression ratio with S&S 89cc heads or 10.7:1 with S&S 79cc heads)
  • Kits include cylinders, pistons, rings and gaskets (head, base and exhaust)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: This project requires a skilled technician. It is the responsibility of the person assembling the parts to check all clearances and assembly specifications. 

Included Items: 
(2) Black power coated cylinders 
(2) Pistons 
(2) Wrist pins 
(4) C-clips 
(2) Ring packs, includes (2) Top rings, (2) Second rings, (2) Oil rail rings and (4) Expander rings 
(2) Multi layer steel head gaskets 
(2) Cylinder base o-rings 
(2) Cylinder base dowel o-rings 
(2) Exhaust gaskets 

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