NATIVE CUSTOM BAGGER 180mm Pitbull RUSH Front Tire Kit for 2014-19 HD touring with STOCK FORK LEGS

  • $1,169.00

Native 180mm Pitbull RUSH Front Tire Kit for 2014-19 HD touring 

  • "Halfbreed" wrap style fender
  • Pointed style slider cover cut w a subtle point on the side
  • Show quality gloss black powder coated fork legs and slider covers. (all casting seams removed) 
  • DUAL DISC brakes

*** By purchasing this kit, you agree you will either send Native Custom Baggers a set of DAMAGE FREE 2014-present HD touring stock style and finish fork legs and slider covers or you will forfeit your core charge

Standard kit includes:

-American made STAMPED STEEL laser cut fender, extensively machined fork legs, & custom cut slider covers all in a raw metal finish.
-Completely bolt on so any good mechanic can install this kit in only a few hours.
-Any front suspension internals can be used with this kit.
-No triple tree change required.
-Fender is notched so there is no fender between tire & fork leg.
-Allows installation of a 180mm tire w NO brake modifications.
-Available for single or dual disc, abs or non abs brakes.

Chrome or black fork legs and slider covers available at additional cost. See menus below for options.

***All of our fenders are now one piece 14 gauge steel STAMPED AND LASER CUT including the mounting holes! These super high quality fenders fit perfect and are ready to scuff and prime. Your painter will be so happy with the quality that he'll probably hug you, lol. All of our fenders have adequate clearance for the stock HD banjo bolts / brake bleeders so a banjo bolt swap is NOT necessary.

***Exchange of stock fork legs & slider covers required (refundable core charge applies). This is necessary because we extensively machine the fork legs for both tire clearance and also to accept our wider than stock fender. The slider covers also get a special cut on the inboard side for fender clearance. Our fenders are cut in such a way to mate up with the machined fork legs and cut slider covers so everything works together perfectly.

***We can also supply a wheel w brake rotors and a tire all mounted and bead balanced so its ready so install. Give us a call to discuss wheel choices and your DISCOUNT pricing on wheels.

***This kit not for use on HD trike models because trike fork legs are longer than 2 wheeled touring fork legs. Please call our shop at 269-276-9200 if you would like to discuss a 180 front tire kit for your trike.

Right now we are not doing the 21 and 23” fat tires but we may in the future. We never got into the tall wheel craze because we prefer to improve the Harley touring models instead of reducing their touring ability which is what happens when a taller front wheel is installed. Also, the 21” and 23” fat tires are not actually 180mm wide so they are NARROWER than the 18” 180 tires which is what we have been running with our kits for the past 12 years. 21” and 23” tire quality is another issue. The only tire available for the 21” and 23” wide tires is the V-Rubber brand tire which does not have a great reputation to say the least. The V-Rubbers also have a much lower weight rating than the 18” 180 tires, and also has less tread depth than the 18” 180 tires. Also, if you were out on the road somewhere and had a V-Rubber tire failure, I guarantee that NO ONE would have one in stock. In the future when a reputable tire manufacture makes a 21” & 23” fat tire then we will promote those sizes but for now we are very busy supplying our 18” 180 kits and our kits get rave reviews so we are sticking with a good thing.

Made in the U.S.A.  

0306-0702 [MF P/N 21372]


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