Bad Dad Long Strokes Exhaust Pipes 1995-2019 Black

  • $445.00

Fits Touring
  • Dual 4" mufflers
  • Angle cut for stretched bags
  • Available in black or chrome
  • Use with "dual exhaust" stretched bags
  • Bad Dad's Long Strokes Exhaust Pipes are the perfect pipe to complement your new Stretched Saddlebags!

    Aesthetically these custom pipes will give the back of your custom Bagger a smooth, flush and symmetrical look. The pipe's length slightly extends beyond the back of your Stretched Bags to reveal the angle cut chrome tip. The pipe's 4" diameter opening is the right size for the back of your Bagger- not too big, not too small. Don't let your pipes be hidden underneath those custom bags; Bad Dad's Long Strokes are the perfect look for your custom Bagger!

    These custom slip-ons feature a 2-1/2" baffle that will give you a rich, deep sound without waking your neighbors. Pipes fit 1995-2016 and 2017+ Touring models with a dual headpipe. This is a great exhaust pipe for your Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, or Road King.

    1995-2016 Fitment: Bad Dad's Long Strokes for 1995-2016 models fit headers that are 1-3/4" diameter, which includes all stock headpipes and most aftermarket headers. Available in chrome and black ceramic.

    2017 M8 Fitment: Now available for 2017-2019 models.

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